Transport Minister Shane Ross has said the National Transport Authority has assured him they will speak to every single household affected by plans to build 16 new bus and cycling lanes around Dublin.

Up to 1,300 households in Dublin will lose part of their gardens under the plan for 200km of radial bus routes that aims to reduce journey times by up to 50%.

The matter was raised in the Dáil this evening by Fine Gael TD Noel Rock who said that the plans had caused "confusion, unease and distress" for those living along the 16 routes.

He said he welcomed plans to improve transport which would be a "tremendous legacy", but he said it was "a regrettable miss-step" by the NTA to announce the plans without speaking to the households directly involved.

The NTA has already said it expects to pay tens of thousands of euro to any householders who lose part of their front gardens for the Dublin Bus Connect project.

Minister Ross said the launch of 16 indicative routes identified an approximate number of 1,300 households, but this would not be finalised by the NTA until October.

"They are absolutely adamant that they will speak individually to every single household. They gave me that assurance this morning," Mr Ross said. 

He added that there are people "who could look forward to small section of land being taken off them from what seem to be fairly astronomical amounts that are appearing in the media".

Mr Ross also said the project would involve the creation of not just bus lanes, but also cycling lanes and pedestrian paths, all of which would contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions.