The UK Supreme Court has begun hearing the case of an Irishman who is seeking compensation for a wrongful conviction that saw him spend almost 17 years in a British jail.

Victor Nealon, originally from Dublin, was wrongly convicted in January 1997 of attempted rape.

He was freed from prison in December 2013 when an appeal court ruled that new DNA evidence made his conviction unsafe. He had served 17 years.

Mr Nealon could have been released after seven years, but did not get parole on the grounds that he refused to admit his guilt.

The UK's Ministry of Justice rejected an application from Mr Nealon for compensation for the wrongful conviction.

Mr Nealon, along with another man, Sam Hallam, who was wrongly convicted of murder, took their case to the High Court, but it was dismissed in 2015.

Both men are appealing that decision in the Supreme Court in London.

Paddy Hill of the Birmingham Six and Patrick Maguire of the Maguire Seven were at court to support Mr Nealon.

The hearing is scheduled to last two days.