New research has found that just a third of people in Ireland would trust a self-driving car to bring them to their destination safely and securely.

The study also found that two out of every five adults surveyed think autonomous cars are a "good idea".

Autonomous vehicles are already undergoing extensive testing in many countries and experts say soon drivers everywhere will be using them.

Ahead of its annual conference, which will examine the impact of autonomous driving on safety, the Road Safety Authority commissioned research into Irish adults' attitudes to the technology.

It found three quarters of those surveyed are aware of the concept, while a third said their current car has one or more self-driving features like adaptive cruise control or self-parking.

Although three quarters of those people said they had used those features, overall less than half of those questioned thought autonomous cars were a good idea.

Just 35% said they would trust them and a little over a quarter are interested in owning one.

Nonetheless, one in every three adults expects to see self-driving cars on the roads here within a decade.

While of those interested in the having a self-driving car more than half said they would use the time created by them to use their phone, read or watch television.