The Labour Party launched its referendum campaign in Dublin this afternoon.

Party leader Brendan Howlin said about 20% of voters have not yet decided to vote or how they will vote.

He said the Labour Party needed to convince them that the Constitution is not the place for an issue as complicated as abortion, that it should be taken out of the Constitution and a compassionate regime put into law.

Mr Howlin said he thinks some of the posters put up by those in favour of retaining the amendment play to an extreme view.

He said people will make their own choices about the type of society they want Ireland to be and he does not think those posters reflect what a moderate Ireland, a compassionate Ireland, an inclusive Ireland looks like.

Mr Howlin said that for too long Ireland did not respect women and there so many cases constantly manifesting that and now there is an opportunity to show there can a compassionate, inclusive society.

The Labour Party leader said some people may think it will not affect them, but just as in the marriage referendum, people need to think beyond themselves to their wives and sisters, their daughters, of all which could well be affected by this decision.

He said he does not think the referendum result is settled and the repeal side has to continue to persuade people and will continue to do that right up until 25 May.