The Chairperson of the Irish Medical Organisation's GP committee has said GPs are facing a "double hit" with cuts to both resources and salaries.

The IMO wants the reversal of what it claims has been a 38% cut to GP income under FEMPI legislation before it agrees new services and resources.

Talks on a new GP contract are due to resume in the coming weeks.

Speaking on RTÉ’s This Week, Dr Padraig McGarry outlined what GPs want delivered by the Minister for Health and the Government.

"What we need from the minister is an absolute commitment and backed up by the Government, not just the minister," he said.

He added: "Because if the Government don't support the minister in providing the resources to unwind FEMPI, it will come to nothing.

"So we need to get concrete proposals for a roadmap to unwind FEMPI and also to get into negotiations on a new workload which will bring new resources."

He said there is a huge stress for GPs with a work overload "feeling they can't recruit staff coupled with an increase in medical card patients up several thousand".

He said some GPs are choosing to close their practice, emigrate or retire.

Dr McGarry said fees for doctors on the medical card scheme are to run a practice and it is not a significant amount of money.

"If it were such a huge amount of money I think you might find that there may be more GPs lining up for it," he said.

He added: "Unfortunately what has happened is that practices have proven to be unviable and as a result of the FEMPI cuts and what we are seeing articulated here today is the result of that."