The election of a new Catalonian regional president has been postponed until further notice. 

It comes after Spain's Supreme Court ruled that the candidate, Jordi Sanchez would not be allowed to leave jail to attend a parliamentary session that was planned for Monday. 

In a 26-page ruling, Spanish judge Pablo Llarena based his decision not to let Mr Sanchez out on his belief there was a risk of a repeat offence.  

Mr Sanchez is being held in custody awaiting trial on charges of rebellion and sedition relating to Catalonia’s referendum last October and its unilateral declaration of independence. 

The speaker of the Catalan parliament, Roger Torrent, said that the session would be postponed while separatist groups challenge the Supreme Court ruling at the European Court of Human Rights.  

Pro-independence parties won a slim majority in elections in December but have so far been frustrated by court rulings in their attempts to elect a regional president. 

The Spanish government insists that any candidate must not be in jail or under judicial investigation.