A 44-year-old Australian nurse has saved his own life, after realising he was having a heart attack while alone at a remote health clinic in Coral Bay, more than 1,000km from Perth.

With the next medical facility 150km away, he hooked himself up to an electrocardiogram, which showed a complete heart block that may have been due to an evolving heart attack.

He emailed the results to a doctor who located an emergency physician to talk to him via real-time video.

Then, he inserted intravenous lines in his own arms and self-administered drugs including aspirin, blood thinners, painkillers and a clot-dissolving drug called tenecteplase.

His self-administered clot-busting cocktail of drugs worked, and the heart attack subsided.

The following day he was flown to a cardiology unit in Perth, a stent was inserted in the blocked coronary artery, and he went home two days later.

Experts said his extreme, do-it-yourself MacGyver-like approach would not be recommended for most people.