South Africa's African National Congress party executive committee has decided to "recall," or remove, President Jacob Zuma as head of state, but said no deadline had been set for him to resign.

ANC secretary general Ace Magashule said the decision to recall Mr Zuma was taken after "exhaustive discussions".

He said he expected Mr Zuma to respond to the decision tomorrow.

Since deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa was elected party leader in December, Mr Zuma has faced mounting calls from his party to end his scandal-plagued second term scheduled to run out in mid-2019.

The 75-year-old has overseen a tumultuous nine years as president marked by economic decline and numerous allegations of corruption.

Mr Magashule said Mr Zuma has not been found guilty by any court of law, but the ANC decided as an organisation that it wanted Mr Ramaphosa to become president.

The ANC's executive committee has the authority to order Mr Zuma to step down as head of state, although there is domestic media speculation that he might refuse.

Mr Ramaphosa, 65, went to meet Mr Zuma late last night before returning to the meeting that sealed the president's fate.

Mr Zuma's tenure as president officially runs until mid-2019 and he has not said in public whether he will step down voluntarily.

He no longer holds a top position in the party.

The former ANC MP and former South African Ambassador to Ireland, Melanie Verwoerd has said that there is still a possibility that the South African President, Jacob Zuma will not resign. 

Speaking to RTÉ Drivetime, Ms Verwoerd said the ANC are in a difficult position, relying on President Zuma to do the honourable thing, adding that the South African President has not been very honourable so far. 

Ms Verwoerd said Mr Zuma is trying to avoid prosecution and there is no way of doing a deal with him, saying there is very little the ANC can offer him. 

She said she believes Mr Zuma will go, but she raised a question about the timing of his departure and how much damage he may do before he steps down.