The trial has begun of the man accused of the murder of David Byrne, who was shot dead at the Regency Hotel in Dublin almost two years ago.

Patrick Hutch junior, 25, from Champions Avenue in Dublin, pleaded not guilty to the murder and related firearms charges at the hotel on 5 February 2016.

Byrne, 34, was shot six times at a boxing weigh-in, in what the prosecution described as a resourced, carefully planned and targeted murderous attack.

Senior Counsel Sean Gillane said six people were involved and all acted together with a shared intention to commit and participate in the offences.

The court was also told that two other men shot and injured during the attack did not cooperate with the garda investigation.

The court heard that on 5 February 2016 a man in a flat cap and another dressed as a woman in a long black coat, high heels and a wig, got into the hotel through a laundry room door.

A boxing weigh-in known as Clash of the Clans was under way in a suite, which the two went into carrying handguns,

Gunfire was heard, panic ensued as boxers, trainers, men, women and children ran in different directions.

Meanwhile, a Ford Transit van pulled up at the front door and three men in apparent garda tactical outfits got out carrying assault rifles.

First, they shot and injured two men, Sean McGovern and Aaron Bulger, both of whom the court heard refused to co-operate with the investigation.

Mr Byrne was then spotted in a group running towards reception and was shot by two of the gunmen and fell down injured.

The second gunman then jumped on the reception desk and pointed his gun at a BBC sports reporter before deciding not to shoot.

He then jumped down and in the words of the prosecution "calmly and coldly" fired into Mr Byrne as he lay on the ground.

The victim's parents heard today their son was shot six times in the head, face, abdomen, hands and thighs.

Senior Counsel Sean Gillane said the team searched the bar and reception area apparently looking for one specific person, when the man in the wig shouted: "He's not f***ing here, I couldn't f***ing find him."

That man and the man in the cap then ran towards the waiting van, where two of the tactical team were guarding the door before all six drove away.

The van was found burned out in the nearby Charelmont Estate, then the six ran up a laneway to cars parked at the adjacent St Vincent's GAA club and escaped.

Three assault rifles, which matched the cartridges found at the Regency Hotel, were recovered by gardaí the following month in County Meath.

The court was told that the man in the flat cap was Kevin Murray who has since passed away, while two gardaí at Mountjoy recognised the man in the wig as Patrick Hutch, who is now on trial for murder.

Today, 24-year-old replied "not guilty, your honour" when the charges of murder and unlawful possession of firearms were put to him.

The prosecution said that all six men acted together in a resourced, carefully planned, targeted and murderous attack.

Mr Gillane said they all displayed a perfected callousness and a shared intention to participate in and commit the offences.

The trial resumes tomorrow.