The HSE's Clinical Lead for Obesity Management has said he is "delighted" with the decision from Kellogg's to cut the amount of sugar in cereals aimed at children.

Professor Donal O'Shea was speaking on RTÉ's News at One after Kellogg's said it would cut the amount of sugar by up to 40% in the case of Coco Pops, and 20% for Rice Krispies by the end of next year.

He said this move shows just how much sugar is in breakfast cereals, and he said he hopes it will encourage people to be aware of the hidden sugar in their diets.

"I hope it improves our health, but I also hope it highlights for people that they really do need to look at the hidden sugars in their diet," he said.

Prof O'Shea said he welcomes the move by the cereal brand, because he said, in light of the Government's recent introduction of a sugar tax, this demonstrates industry and policy makers beginning to "work in parallel".

He said the industry needs to be encouraged to continue to do more to cut the amount of sugar and salt in its products over the next five to ten years.

"When you see companies the size of Kellogg's making this move you have to welcome it. 

"When you put it alongside the Government's introduction of a sugar tax you see industry and policy makers beginning to do things in parallel that are going to make our nutrition healthier.  Do we need to move further over the next five to ten years? Absolutely."

Prof O'Shea said the amount of sugar in some supermarkets' own brand cereals is "outrageously high", and he said some are disguising the high sugar content by using packaging that "makes them look healthy".

He said such products promote that they contain "grain or multigrain, and hide the fact that it has over 50% sugar". He said shoppers need to be aware to choose cereals carefully.