The Minister for Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht has announced a number of measures to tackle sexual harassment and abuse of power in the workplace in the arts and culture sector.

Heather Humphreys has invited the group of eight leaders from Irish theatre organisations to meet her and the Arts Council next week.

The organisations recently co-signed a statement condemning sexual harassment and abuse of power in the theatre in Ireland.

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss ways in which the department and the Arts Council can support the sector in creating a safe culture and environment for those working in the industry.

The minister also said she would also be collaborating with the National Theatre at the Abbey to facilitate an industry-wide consultation exercise by the end of the month.

The boards of national cultural institutions and agencies will have to attend workshops that will deal with governance.

There will be a particular emphasis on issues relating to bullying, abuse of power and sexual harassment in the workplace.

The minister will invite all other cultural organisations and arts centres around the country to avail of similar training.

She said: "I believe that my Department, the Arts Council and the leading members of theatre organisations should work together to encourage a safe and respectful environment free from abuse of power and sexual harassment.

"Individually, there are limits on what we can do - working together we can achieve our shared objectives."