The Gate Theatre in Dublin has said that any person who has been in their employment, or contracted by them who wish to speak to them about any concerns they have in relation to sexual harassment and abuse of power, can contact them.

The Theatre said it intends to appoint an independent professional HR advisor to handle any issues raised.

Last week a number of Irish theatre organisations, including the Gate, released a statement saying they noted developments and allegations in the entertainment industries in the US and UK.

That statement said the organisations strongly condemned sexual harassment and abuse of power in the theatre in Ireland and internationally, and that this kind of behaviour is always utterly inappropriate.

It said theatres like any work environment need to be safe spaces for everyone, and the organisations said they were committed to supporting those who speak out and to listen closely and carefully when they do.

Shortly after that a woman published a blog post in which she made allegations of inappropriate behaviour against a figure in the Irish theatre world.

A number of other allegations of inappropriate behaviour were made on social media and widely shared and discussed online.

Last night a further post from another woman contained allegations of harassment and inappropriate physical contact.

Today the Gate theatre has released a statement saying it is going to appoint an independent HR advisor to deal with any issues that may be reported to it.

It said the Gate Board and Management condemn the issue of sexual harassment and abuse of power in the theatre world.

It said the board and management will listen to what people have to say, and that its aim is to foster a safe and supportive working environment in the theatre.

It said if anyone has been contracted by the Gate, or employed by them they can contact the theatre directly, and that any experience shared will be treated in the utmost confidence.