UCD students have voted to remove the president of their students' union Katie Ascough.

The referendum was called after Ms Ascough stopped the union from publishing information on abortion in a publication aimed at first year students.

Overall, 69% of students voted in favour of impeachment, while 31% voting against. The overall turnout was 6,611.

Students voted in favour of the referendum in every faculty building. The results were announced at 12.45am after two days of voting.

Speaking after the result, Ms Ascough thanked her campaign team and said: "This is a sad day for me, but it is also a sad day for our university.

"Universities should be a place of freedom of speech, freedom of thought and freedom of association."

When Ms Ascough was elected earlier this year, she promised that she would not interfere with the union's position on the issue of abortion.

Impeachment proceedings were triggered after she ordered the reprinting of thousands of copies of a freshers' week student guide, because it contained information including the cost of abortion in other countries and information on abortion pills. The reprint cost the union €8,000.

Ms Ascough said she ordered the reprint because to have gone ahead with distribution would have been illegal and could have exposed the union and her personally to a criminal record and a fine.

She has published legal advice she received to this effect and said "a group of bullies" were behind the impeachment.

However, students calling for her impeachment said Ms Ascough would have been aware that student unions in Ireland have been publishing similar information since current legislation was put in place more than 20 years ago, and that no union had ever been prosecuted or fined.

Amy Crean of the impeachment campaign said student unions had also distributed condoms when they were illegal.