Tusla's lawyer has told the Disclosures Tribunal that the inquiry in relation to whistleblower garda Keith Harrison was based on a flawed allegation that was untrue and was not even stood over.

On the final day of hearings in this section of the Tribunal, Paul Anthony McDermott said there was no evidence that Tusla had acted other than in a proper manner in dealing with a referral from gardaí in relation to Garda Harrison.

Making his closing submission, Mr McDermott said Garda Harrison's partner Marissa Simms had originally alleged a social worker told her she was directed by gardaí, but he said Ms Simms had withdrawn the accusation under oath.

For the gardaí, Mícheál O'Higgins SC said there was no improper influence or malice from senior management in the gardaí directed at Garda Harrison.

He said the troubles in Garda Harrison's domestic life were entirely of his own making and were not changed by him making a Protected Disclosure and characterising himself as a whistleblower.

Desmond Dockery SC for the two gardaí who took the statement from Ms Simms said there was appropriate and proportionate contact between them and Ms Simms, and he said the statement was recorded faithfully and accurately. 

He said they did not bully or cajole Ms Simms.

Lawyer for Chief Superintendent Terry McGinn, Conor Power SC, said there was no evidence to support the assertion made by Garda Harrison that she had acted out of malice. 

He said she had acted properly, in good faith and in accordance with her duties.

Garda Harrison's lawyer submitted that the tribunal needed to also look at gaps in evidence.

Mark Harty said that if gardaí seriously believed Keith Harrison had made threats to kill, they would have done something about it. 

He said they had decided they were not going to investigate it.

He also said nothing was done on the referral to Tusla between 24 October and the end of January when there were phone calls made between gardaí and Tusla.

He said proof of malice or improper purpose rested in two letters from Terry McGinn requesting Garda Harrison's suspension and the appointment of a disciplinary officer. 

He said the clear purpose was not to criminally investigate but to rely on Marissa Simms' statement to seek Garda Harrison's removal.