Young conservative star Sebastian Kurz is on track to become Austria's next leader, projections of today's parliamentary election result showed, but his party is far short of a majority and likely to seek a coalition with the resurgent far right.

By taking a hard line on immigration that left little daylight between him and the far-right Freedom Party (FPO), 31-year-old Foreign Minister Kurz managed to propel his People's Party to first place and draw some support away from an FPO buoyed by Europe's migration crisis.

Both parties increased their share of the vote from the last parliamentary election in 2013, marking a sharp shift to the right.

Chancellor Christian Kern's Social Democrats were in a close race with the FPO for second place.

"It is our task to work with all others for our country," Mr Kurz told his supporters, without revealing which way he was leaning on coalition talks.