The Disclosures Tribunal has heard that the evidence of the Chief Superintendent for the Donegal Division should not be accepted by the inquiry.

Chief Superintendent Terry McGinn was cross-examined by Garda Keith Harrison's lawyer.

She was asked by Mark Harty SC why there was no written record of her decision to appoint an inspector to conduct a review of Garda Harrison and domestic violence allegations in late September or October 2013.

She was also asked why there was no reference to it in her statement to the tribunal.

Chief Supt McGinn said she did not write down every decision. 

She said it was not omitted deliberately from her statement, she said she was outlining events and offering context.

Mr Harty said it was easier to embellish or give an alternative version of events if there were no written records.

He said that Chief Supt McGinn's evidence on this should not be accepted by the tribunal.

The chairman of the tribunal, Peter Charleton, said he could make a submission on that in due course.

Chief Supt McGinn said the review was to establish if the gardaí complied with domestic violence policy and to follow up with anything outstanding.

The tribunal is investigating contacts between the gardaí and Tusla about Garda Harrison.

The chief superintendent told the tribunal that a Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission referral in relation to garda whistleblower Keith Harrison was made in good faith even though it was rejected by the commission.

Chief Supt McGinn said there was no ulterior motive in making the referral under a section of the Garda Síochána Act which related to a threat of death or serious harm.

The referral contained the statement made by Garda Harrison's partner Marissa Simms which alleged he had threatened her.

GSOC rejected the complaint saying it did not meet the criteria.

Chief Supt McGinn said she may have got the section wrong but it was made in good faith and she wanted the matter independently investigated.

Garda Harrison's lawyer Mark Harty SC said it wasn't made in good faith because if it was, it would have been recorded in her officers journal and it was not.