The Disclosures Tribunal has heard that an Assistant Commissioner had no role in the Tusla referral made by Gardaí in relation to whistleblower Garda Keith Harrison.

Chief Superintendent Terry McGinn was asked about a note in her diary circulated at the inquiry this week which contained a reference to speaking to Assistant Commissioner Kieran Kenny about the referral.

Ms McGinn said today that Mr Kenny had no input into the decisions made at a key Garda meeting on 8 October 2013. 

The tribunal is investigating contacts between the Gardaí and Tusla in relation to Garda Harrison.

The meeting of five senior Gardaí considered a response to a statement made by Garda Harrison's partner that he had threatened her. 

They decided to refer the matter to Tusla, GSOC and to begin an investigation. 

Ms McGinn said she was reporting to Mr Kenny as her line manager and she was just keeping him in the loop. 

Ms McGinn also said it was not the case that Mr Kenny had been on speakerphone at the meeting.

She said she did not personally give the direction for the Tusla referral at the meeting, she asked if referrals would be done and she said she was told that they would be.

The emergence of the diary note led to an upset at the inquiry on Wednesday as it had not been circulated previously. 

The Chairman of the Tribunal, Peter Charleton, asked for new statements from Mr Kenny, Ms McGinn and two superintendents to address their state of knowledge of the contents of the diary note.

Two days after the meeting, she sought Garda Harrison's suspension. 

Ms McGinn said she did not have confidence in him to carry out Garda duties. 

Garda Internal affairs responded that confining Garda Harrison to desk duties would be more appropriate.

Ms McGinn also sought the appointment of an officer from outside the division to investigate the allegations made in the statement.  She said they had to be seen to be independent. 

Ms McGinn also denied that she was motivated by malign intent in her dealings with Garda Harrison.  She said she had always dealt well with whistleblowers.

It was pointed out that Garda Harrison made his protected disclosure some months later in May 2014.