The Chairman of the Disclosures Tribunal has demanded new statements from four senior gardaí by 10am tomorrow on the back of new evidence.

Mr Justice Peter Charleton said he was not ascribing blame at this point, or saying there was any concealment or deviousness, but the information was important.

The document circulated to legal teams contained Chief Superintendent Terry McGinn's diary notes of a Garda conference held in Letterkenny Garda Station on 8 October 2013. 

The meeting was held to discuss a response to Marissa Simms' statement alleging threats from her partner Garda Keith Harrison.

The diary note referenced that Chief Supt McGinn had spoken to Assistant Commissioner Kieran Kenny and Chief Supt Tony McLoughlin of Garda internal affairs about "the referral". 

Neither of the two have previously given statements to the tribunal.

Mr Charleton asked for statements by 10am tomorrow from retired Assistant Commissioner Kenny and from Chief Supt McLoughlin, formerly of internal affairs; and new, revised statements from Chief Supt McGinn and Superintendent Eugene McGovern.

Counsel for Chief Supt McGinn said the document was provided to the tribunal in June.

Mr Charleton said the Tribunal would make enquiries overnight and it was dealing with thousands and thousands of documents.

Garda Harrison's barrister Mark Harty said he was very concerned that there were other documents the Tribunal was not seeing.

Mr Charleton said gardaí were doing their best to cooperate, although some things could have been done better and quicker.

Mr Harty said the document was not marginal and he asked for more time to take instructions from his client.

Mr Charleton said it was not a silver bullet and it did not say "let's destroy Keith Harrison". He said he tended to go for the chaos theory before the conspiracy theory.

Mr Harty said he had learned today that Assistant Commissioner Kenny had a role in relation to the appointment of an investigating officer under Garda disciplinary regulations, and he said the document showed for the first time that the Assistant Commissioner was involved and he called for Assistant Commissioner Kenny to give evidence.

This morning a Supt McGovern told the Tribunal that gardaí had a greater responsibility to deal with alleged threats made by Garda Harrison against his partner because the alleged perpetrator was a serving member.

Supt McGovern was asked about the garda conference held in Letterkenny on 8 October 2013 to discuss a statement made two days earlier by Ms Simms. 

The complaint alleged he had threatened to burn and bury her.

The divisional chief superintendent, an inspector, a detective inspector, a garda, and Supt McGovern attended the meeting.

Counsel for the tribunal Kathleen Leader asked why such a "high level conference" had been convened for an incident of alleged domestic abuse or domestic violence. 

She said such an attendance would usually be reserved for a murder investigation.

Supt McGovern said there was a greater responsibility on them because Garda Harrison was a serving member and if the allegations were true, they required immediate focus and attention. 

He said they would be criticised if there was a more serious issue in the future.

He said the conference was merited as the allegations were more serious than domestic abuse. 

He said Ms Simms' statement contained serious criminal allegations including threats to kill, allegations of harassment, threats to burn, and criminal damage. 

He said everyone was there for a particular reason and had a job to do. 

He was there because some of the alleged incidents took place in his district of Milford.