Garda Keith Harrison has denied at the Disclosures Tribunal that he threatened to burn and bury his partner.

He also denied that he had harassed Marissa Simms or was obsessed with her.

He was questioned about a statement Ms Simms made to gardaí on 6 October 2013, which detailed alleged threats from him and obsessive behaviour. 

She withdrew the statement three months later.

Garda Harrison said that during an argument on 28 September 2013, he had told Ms Simms that she would get burnt by her family.

Ms Simms has also backed up this version of events in her evidence to the tribunal.

Garda Harrison was taken through texts sent by Ms Simms to him the day after the argument where she repeatedly said that he had threatened to burn her.

Counsel for the Tribunal Patrick Marrinan asked why Garda Harrison had not corrected the texts. Garda Harrison said it simply did not happen.

Tribunal Chairman Mr Justice Peter Charleton said that what was sent in the texts corresponded with what Ms Simms had told gardaí in her statement.

He asked Garda Harrison if he thought Ms Simms had sent him the texts to hurt him. Garda Harrison agreed.

Mr Charleton also asked if Garda Harrison thought she was lying in those texts to hurt him. Garda Harrison agreed.

Garda Harrison said he had sought to be at the tribunal even though it meant listening to embarrassing, private things. 

However, he said wrongs had been done that had to be put right.

He said he had never put Ms Simms out of the house as recorded in the statement. 

He denied that he was obsessive as Ms Simms had said in the statement. He said if all that was in the statement was true, he would be dangerous and he said it was not true.

Mr Marrinan also put it to Garda Harrison that by cheating on and deceiving Ms Simms, he had subjected her to emotional abuse.

Garda Harrison said he was ashamed that he had hurt her. He said he had behaved in a way that he should not have and he was sorry for that.

Mr Charleton also asked Garda Harrison on what basis he was asking the tribunal to believe that gardaí had brought pressure to bear on Tusla.

Garda Harrison said there had been a phone call between a garda sergeant and Tusla asking for the visit not to go ahead but it did.

Mr Charleton asked how it involved gardaí higher up, and Garda Harrison said there were local management meetings which went on but there were no notes of them.