A garda inspector has told the Disclosures Tribunal that she did not put pressure on Garda Keith Harrison's partner to make a statement alleging that he threatened her.

Inspector Goretti Sheridan of Letterkenny Garda Station said that Marissa Simms was not coerced to make the formal statement on 6 October 2013.

The tribunal is investigating contacts between Tusla and gardaí about Garda Harrison.

Counsel for the Tribunal Diarmaid McGuinness asked if Ms Simms had any reservations when she made the statement.

Inspector Sheridan said Ms Simms did not and that in 24 years of being a garda, she would never put pressure on someone to make a statement.

She said she did not bombard Ms Simms with calls and that Ms Simms always came back to her.

She also said that she told Ms Simms that the statement would have to be sent to the HSE (later Tusla) and she was duty bound to do so.

Ms Simms withdrew her garda statement three months after making it.

Ms Simms has also lodged a complaint to the Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commision saying parts of the statement were intrusive and irrelevant.

Inspector Sheridan said Ms Simms spent eight-and-a-half hours at the garda station that day giving the statement. She said there was a break for tea.

She said there was nothing in the statement which did not come from Ms Simms.

Inspector Sheridan said the full statement was read to Ms Simms and she was invited to make amendments.

Ms Simms statement detailed alleged threats from Garda Harrison.

She said she was frightened of him and that he was obsessive.

Inspector Sheridan said she told Ms Simms that whatever about her relationship with Garda Harrison, when threats were made in front of children, that was a bigger matter.

Ms Simms said in the statement that Keith Harrison told her he would burn and bury her and that children witnessed the threat.

She said they were upset and one child asked her if it was okay that he burned her.

Garda Harrison disputes the account and says that what he said to Ms Simms was that she would get burnt by her relationship with her family.

The Tribunal heard that when Ms Simms withdrew her statement made against Garda Harrison, she said she still stood over the allegations.

Ms Simms made a formal complaint against Garda Harrison in a Garda statement on 6 October 2013.

Three months later, on 11 January 2014, Ms Simms withdrew the statement and said she did not wish to pursue a complaint against him.

In her withdrawal statement, Ms Simms said that everything recorded in her original garda statement was true, the events happened and she had been honest in what she said.

Ms Simms also said she had not been put under pressure to retract the statement.