Solidarity/People Before Profit representatives have said that Sinn Féin is ruling itself out of a left wing coalition by considering propping up a Fine Gael or Fianna Fáil government.

Speaking at a meeting of the party's six TDs in Dublin, Ruth Coppinger said Sinn Féin was moving more clearly in a right wing direction, and she would exclude them from coalition with other left parties.

Richard Boyd-Barret said they did not want to be in government for government sake.

He said they wanted to focus on key issues such as housing, health, and repeal of the 8th Amendment when the Dáil returns.

The party also said it would breach the fiscal space rules and ignore the advice of the Irish Fiscal Advisory Council in order to build more social housing.

They believe that between €10-12 billion in additional spending on public housing is required over the next four to five years.

Solidarity/PBP also ruled out the reintroduction of bedsits as a red herring and distraction, stating the real issue was the building of public housing.

The party is due to table a Dáil motion calling for the right to housing to be enshrined in the constitution.

They are also in favour of making 30,000 properties subject to compulsory purchase order next year.