Salah Abdeslam, a suspect in 2015 Islamist attacks on Paris who is currently jailed in France, will face trial in Belgium over a police shootout at his suspected hideout in Brussels, Belgian prosecutors said.

Mr Abdeslam left Paris hours after his brother blew himself up outside a cafe in November 2015 as part of a Jihadist attack which killed 130 victims.

As investigators hunted for him in the weeks after the Paris attacks, several Belgian police officers were wounded in a shootout during a raid on a Brussels apartment where he was thought to be hiding out.

Prosecutors say Mr Abdeslam was one of two people who managed to escape from the shooting in the Brussels district of Forest and will stand trial for the attempted murder of several police officers.

A date for his Belgian trial is not yet set, prosecutors added, and it is unclear whether Mr Abdeslam, who is also awaiting trial in France, will be present at the proceedings.

Mr Abdeslam has refused to speak about the attacks to investigators in France and does not have legal representation in Belgium.

US blacklists Paris and Brussels attacks bomb suspect

The United States has added the suspected jihadist bombmaker said to have supplied the gangs behind the deadly attacks in Paris and Brussels to its terror blacklist. 

French and Belgian authorities believe a militant known as Ahmad Alkhald provided suicide vests and explosives expertise before the 2015 Paris attacks. 

He is thought to have fled to Syria, but remained in contact with a gang that later carried out the 22 March 2016 bombings at Brussels airport and a metro station that killed 32 people.