The trial of a man and woman accused of murdering an Irish man in the United States in August 2015 has heard from a colleague of one of the accused.

Molly Martens-Corbett, 33, and her 67-year-old father Thomas Martens are accused of killing 39-year-old Jason Corbett at his home in Wallburg, North Carolina on 2 August 2015.

Both have pleaded not guilty to those charges, claiming self-defence.

JoAnn Lowry, who worked with Mr Martens at a laboratory in Knoxville, Tennessee, told the court that Mr Martens had said he hated his son-in-law.

Ms Lowry said that, when discussing a weekend visit in 2015, Mr Martens had said "we're always glad to see them come home, but we're also glad to see them leave."

She added that he had said "that son-in-law, I hate him."

Ms Lowry also told the court that Mr Martens had expressed disdain for Mr Corbett following his marriage to Ms Martens-Corbett in 2011.

The defence argued that as Ms Martens-Corbett and her father are being tried jointly, statements made that would implicate malice from Mr Martens should have no bearing on his daughter.

They said that as a result Ms Lowry's testimony should be disallowed.

Judge David Lee stipulated the testimony given by Ms Lowry would impact Mr Martens only.

He specified to the jury that the testimony would indeed have no bearing on Ms Martens-Corbett.

The trial also heard testimony from a bloodstain pattern analyst, Stuart H James.

Mr James told the court about a number of observations relating to the homicide investigation into Mr Corbett's death.

The trial will resume on Thursday.