The former director general of the Workplace Relations Commission is to "provide an independent overview" of a review of role and gender equality at RTÉ.

Kieran Mulvey will make recommendations based on that review.

The terms of reference for the review are to be finalised over the coming days.

Earlier today, a number of NUJ and SIPTU members working in RTÉ met to discuss gender and equality issues in the organisation.

Staff at the meeting agreed to call on RTÉ to publish a gender breakdown of pay grades and remuneration data across the corporation within the next fortnight. 

The informal meeting was called to allow staff to express their views, in advance of formal engagement by the trade unions in RTÉ.

Staff also called for an independent external review to be carried out, examining gender and equality, by a panel the composition of which would be agreed between the RTÉ Trade Union Group and RTÉ management.

They stipulated that the terms of reference and scope of any such review should be agreed by both parties.

The meeting also agreed the following statement;

"We are grateful to, and supportive of our colleagues who have recently spoken out in the media on these matters.

We would welcome an atmosphere of openness and transparency in public discussion of the issues, with as little hindrance as possible."

Earlier this week RTÉ confirmed it will bring forward the announcement of fees paid to its ten highest paid presenters, and expects to release details within weeks.

The announcement comes amid mounting concern about a gender pay gap, particularly after the BBC revealed that its highest paid woman broadcaster was earning around a fifth of the highest paid man.

At the weekend, RTÉ newsreader Sharon Ní Bheoláin confirmed that at the time of the 2014 pay figures - the most recent pay figures released - she was paid less than half of what her co-anchor Bryan Dobson was earning.