The Disclosures Tribunal has heard that family members of a woman who made a child sexual abuse complaint against Sergeant Maurice McCabe confronted him in Bailieborough and he had to retreat to the garda station.

There were also "interpersonal difficulties" in Bailieborough station and Sgt McCabe later moved to Mullingar Garda Station at his own request.

The father of the woman known as Ms D, who made the complaint, was a garda colleague of Sgt McCabe's in Bailieborough.

The tribunal heard that Sgt McCabe later sought the release of the DPP's directions to the D family so they would know that the decision was that no offence had been described.

Superintendent Noel Cunningham, who conducted the 2007 investigation into Ms D's complaint, gave continued evidence today.

The tribunal heard that when Supt Cunningham met Sgt McCabe to inform him of the DPP's directions, Sgt McCabe brought along a member of the Association of Garda Sergeants and Inspectors (AGSI) as a witness.

Supt Cunningham told Sgt McCabe that the DPP had decided that no offence had occurred and that he was "exonerated".

However, Sgt McCabe was concerned that the D family had not been told the full reasons and were only told that the DPP was not preferring charges.

Sgt McCabe later complained to a senior colleague, Superintendent Michael Clancy, and sought the release of the DPP's directions to the D family and himself.

SC Michael McDowell for Sgt McCabe said the sergeant wanted to have the DPP's directions disseminated because of interpersonal difficulties in the garda station.

He said Sgt McCabe was making the case that if the DPP's directions were known, the issue would reduce in intensity.

Supt Cunningham also told the tribunal that he believed it was not appropriate for him to carry out the investigation into the original abuse complaint made against Sgt McCabe.

He said he was not keen because of the optics - because he knew the girl's father and he also knew Sgt McCabe.

However, he said he carried out the investigation professionally.

The tribunal has heard that he concluded there was no ground for prosecution and the DPP later dismissed the allegation.

In 2014, Ms D lodged a complaint with the Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission over the original investigation. GSOC did not uphold the complaint.

Supt Cunningham said he conducted the investigation blind to the parties concerned and he said this was upheld by GSOC.

Garda Commissioner's office told of false abuse claim in July 2014

This afternoon the tribunal heard that the Garda Commissioner's office was informed of the false sexual abuse allegation made against Sgt McCabe in July 2014.

Assistant Commissioner Kieran Kenny wrote to the commissioner's private secretary on 28 July 2014 outlining that a new child sexual abuse referral had been made by Tusla against Sgt McCabe and that an error had been made in the referral.

The tribunal has heard that the error had been made by a HSE counsellor who incorrectly inflated a historic allegation to a more serious one. The original allegation had been dismissed by the DPP in 2007.

Mr Kenny said in the letter to the Garda Commissioner's office that he would liaise with legal affairs and that Chief Superintendent James Sheridan would liaise with "the HSE".

Garda Commissioner Nóirín O'Sullivan was the acting commissioner at the time.

Superintendent Leo McGinn gave evidence today of how he dealt with the incorrect Tusla referral to gardaí when it was received on 7 May 2014.

On the same day, Supt McGinn sent on the referral to Chief Supt Sheridan suggesting that the original garda investigation should be reviewed outside the Cavan/Monaghan district, possibly by the cold-case unit.

Supt McGinn said there was a lot of media coverage on Sgt McCabe and he felt it best to refer on.

Senior Counsel Diarmaid McGuinness asked why he had referred the case on when he knew it had previously been investigated. Supt McGinn said he had concerns because the investigation was conducted by Supt Cunningham, who knew both parties.

On 8 May, Supt McGinn told Ms D's father about the referral. Mr D said nothing.

Later in May, the HSE corrected the referral and sent an amended garda notification.

Supt McGinn sent on the corrected referral to the Chief Superintendent but he did not suggest that a review be put on hold.

A meeting was held in Mullingar Garda Station on 16 July 2014 attended by Supt McGinn, Assistant Commissioner Kenny and Chief Supt Sheridan.

Minutes of the meeting recorded Mr Kenny as saying they needed to deal with the matter "given the people involved". He said it was unbelievable that the HSE had made a cut and paste error and it was not noticed. 

He said his understanding was the 2006 incident had not been referred to the HSE so his opinion was that this referral should be dealt with as a new referral.

Supt McGinn told the meeting that the matter had been reported in newspapers and the injured party had met Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin, who had written to the taoiseach about it.

The meeting agreed that Mr Kenny would contact legal affairs for advice and Chief Supt Sheridan would liaise with the HSE to establish its intentions.