A parliamentary committee in Britain is warning that the debate on the UK's departure from the EU appears to be exacerbating cross-community divisions in Northern Ireland.

The House of Lords EU Committee says political stability in Northern Ireland must not be allowed to become what it describes as "collateral damage" of Brexit.

The Lords also say the British government needs to "raise its game" and make talks with the devolved administrations over Brexit more effective.

The Joint Ministerial Committee was set up to allow ministers from Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland to discuss the Brexit process.

However, a report from the House of Lords EU Committee claims the UK government is not doing enough to make this Joint Ministerial Committee effective.

The report says meetings are not being organised efficiently and that the general view was that this needs to change, with calls for more bilateral discussions ahead of meetings and greater transparency.

In particular, the report stated that the Brexit debate appears to have undermined political stability in Northern Ireland and exacerbated cross community divisions, contributing to the collapse of the NI Executive.

The report also identifies the lack of any nationalist MPs at Westminster as a factor in the weakness of Northern Ireland's influence on the Brexit negotiations.

It highlighted concerns over the "apparent deterioration of relations between the UK and Scottish government" and it warns that Wales could be "profoundly affected" by leaving the EU.

While the report made it clear it did not want new areas of powers to be devolved, it said the specific labour market and demographic needs of the devolved nations should be accommodated in the context of Brexit.