Nearly half of students in Ireland think they are addicted to their smartphone with 60% considering they use it too much.

That is according to a new survey which also found that just over half of students say they check their phones while in class when the teacher is not looking.

The survey was completed by 2,600 secondary school students who use the study website, earlier this month.

It also found that as they get older, students seem to become less willing to do exercise, with 53% of girls in 6th year not participating in PE class compared to 15% in 2nd year. 

It is a similar picture when it comes to taking part in team sports with just over a third of girls participating compared to just over half of boys.

When it comes to the use of social media, Snapchat and Instagram are the most popular platforms for young people, with Facebook in third place, they survey discovered. 

9% of the respondents said they had signed up to dating app Tindr.

80% said they had used their smartphone to study.

Looking ahead to college, three quarters of those surveyed said they would be willing to pay back some money for students loans after college.

In fact 39% said they would be willing to pay up to €170 a month in repayments.

President Donald Trump would not be welcome here, according to nearly three quarters of those questioned, while a similar proportion would like to see a united Ireland.

And despite recent scandals, 73% of students still trust gardaí.