It is hoped that talks on a new public service pay deal will be concluded by Friday 2 June, the same day that a new taoiseach is due to be announced.

According to a members' briefing on the IMPACT website, the tight two-week timeframe was agreed when the Workplace Relations Commission met the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform, the Public Services Committee of Congress and non-Congress unions yesterday.

However, the union briefing said that while all parties had expressed a desire to conclude the process quickly, midnight on 2 June is not a "Cinderella moment".

It is understood that speed is of the essence as the unions are seeking pay rises in 2018, and proposed such increases, if any, would have to be balloted on before October 2017 to be factored into the 2018 Budget.

The two-week talks framework will begin this Monday with a Department of Finance presentation on the Exchequer forecasts for the next two or three years.

That will be relevant to the talks as it will indicate the "fiscal space" or budgetary leeway for pay rises as part of the new deal.

It is believed that in his capacity as PSC chair, IMPACT General Secretary Shay Cody set out a comprehensive list of issues that the unions will table over the coming days.

The key issues on the union agenda are the rapid unwinding of the FEMPI legislation, the protection of pension benefits, and a range of non-pay issues including working time.

The union briefing notes that the Lansdowne Road Agreement negotiations are due to end on the same day that a new taoiseach will be announced, adding that it is not yet clear how this might impact on the talks timetable.