A Medical Council inquiry into a Cavan General Hospital consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist has been adjourned until Thursday.

Dr Salah Aziz is facing allegations of professional misconduct and poor professional performance, in relation to three women and childbirth.

The alleged events occurred between November 2012 and April 2014 at Cavan General.

The complex inquiry started in November 2016 and has been dealing with the three cases, in three separate modules.

Today was the 22nd day of proceedings, making it one of the longest inquiries held in modern times by the council.

The fitness-to-practise committee has been making findings of fact after each module but these have not been made public yet.

Module 3 relates to Patient C and obstetric care provided around 26 April 2014.

It is alleged Dr Aziz failed to attend in adequate time to assess the patient.

It is also alleged he failed to decide that immediate delivery of 'Baby C' by emergency caesarean section was required.

The baby was delivered stillborn.

The inquiry has been adjourned until Thursday afternoon, when the fitness-to-practise committee will announce any findings of fact, in relation to all of the allegations against Dr Aziz.

Lawyers for both sides will then make written submissions on any findings of fact by 25 May.

On 30 May, the fitness-to-practise committee will meet to consider whether any of the allegations amount to professional misconduct, or poor professional performance.

The inquiry has already received written submissions on the cases by lawyers for both sides.

Dr Aziz has defended his actions in all three cases and has said he would like to return to work.

Two of the three patients have been anonymised.

Dr Aziz qualified in Egypt in 1980 and came to work in Ireland in 1988.

He was placed on administrative leave after the case of Patient C.