A new poll suggests that 88% of Irish people think Ireland should remain in the European Union, while 99% of full-time students also share this view.

The Red C poll published today, on Europe Day, also found that 82% believe that the UK should have voted to remain in the EU.

The nationwide poll was commissioned by European Movement Ireland, an NGO that works to develop links between Ireland and the EU.

It found that 88% of Irish people agree that Ireland should stay in the EU, with 11% disagreeing.

Attitudes to Brexit remain relatively unchanged from last year, with 82% believing the UK should have voted to remain in the EU.

Just 16% believe that Ireland should follow the UK out of the European Union, and 87% believe that on balance, Ireland has benefited from being a member of the EU.

Geographically, support for membership is strongest in Munster, and demographically, full-time students are the most pro-European.