ASTI delegates have rejected a call for strike action, which would have closed schools next month.

A motion calling for strike action was debated at the ASTI Convention in Killarney.

The motion called for a number of strike days to take place next month to "force the issue on equal pay in the context of the pay talks".

Delegates voted to withdraw from classroom substitution duties in schools from September.

Unlike other teachers, ASTI teachers are currently not being paid for classroom supervision, because of their stance outside of the Lansdowne Road Agreement. 

The Public Services Pay Commission, which is deliberating on pay across the sector, is due to report in May, and talks on a successor to the Lansdowne Road Agreement are also due to start.

The LRA was negotiated to reverse pay and pension cuts for public service workers imposed since 2008. It extends the Haddington Road Agreement until 2018. 

The union is in dispute with government on a range of issues including equal pay for teachers employed since 2010.