Minister for Health Simon Harris has said he is "frustrated" at some of the "misleading" information that is circulating about the cost of the new National Children's Hospital.

He said he hopes to bring the definitive business case for the project to Cabinet "within a very short number of weeks."

Addressing the Oireachtas Health Committee this afternoon, Minister Harris said he wanted to provide some clarity.

He said: "I am frustrated that some of the information out there is somewhat misleading, to be quite frank, in relation to the costs.

"Let me say at the outset in relation to the costs, I have not received the definitive business case so I can't confirm commercially sensitive figures.

"It hasn't come to me to bring it to Government but I expect that to happen within a very short number of weeks."

"It's currently with the HSE to go to my Department but what I can say and what is important - the €650m figure was a core construction cost figure.

"It did not include equipment, the educaton facility for students, some shared infrastructure and services, which would be used by St James's Hospital as well as the Children's Hospital.

"It did not include retail so there were a number of issues not included in the €650m."

He said the €650m included the building of the children's hospital and the two satellite centres.

Government has yet to make a decision on this and he said he expects to bring the definitive business case to Government shortly.

He said that labels like "overruns" being thrown around are not fair.

The Minister also pointed out that construction inflation was factored in at 3% but we are now seeing construction inflation of more than 9% in 2017.

He agreed that the Public Accounts Committee should scrutinise this entirely.