New information has emerged about the referral to Tusla relating to garda whistleblower Sergeant Maurice McCabe, which included a false serious child abuse allegation.

This document was not in the Tusla file released to the McCabes as it had been retrieved by the counselling service under data protection rules.

According to an informed source, the counsellor who made the referral has said the error occurred because she was using a template which contained details from another case and had failed to delete all the details of the previous case.

It was not actually a pasting issue, as has been previously reported, but a failure by the counsellor to delete information relating to another case.

It is understood the counsellor has said that she did not notice the error before she sent it to Tusla.

However, according to a source who has seen the original document where what has been referred to as the cut and paste error was made, it should have been obvious to anyone reading it in Tusla that there was a mistake in this document as it actually contained the names of two alleged abusers.