A new report from Bord Bia shows significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions have been achieved by manufacturing companies participating in the national Origin Green sustainability programme.

122 small to medium agri-food companies made specific commitments to Bord Bia to use less energy as part of the Origin Green programme.

What they have saved since 2012 is equivalent to taking 4,200 cars off the roads.

A different group, made up of 53 larger food companies, targeted greenhouse gas emissions, rather than energy use, and has delivered an average 19% cut in emissions for every unit of goods produced.

The Bord Bia Sustainability Report is littered with examples of what is being achieved in the interests of a green and sustainable image for Irish food and drink.

527 companies have signed up for Origin Green commitments about raw materials, manufacturing processes, and social sustainability.

Between them they have diverted 4,600 tonnes of waste from landfill, saved 1.1 million litres of water, and recycled or recovered 24,000 tonnes of material.

Farmers, meanwhile, have supplied almost 25 million pieces of data to calculate their carbon footprint.

Bord Bia's Sustainability report suggests plenty of scope for improvement.

It says agriculture emissions would fall by 7% if weaker farms could change their practices to achieve just average levels of sustainability.