All birds at Dublin Zoo have been moved indoors for the foreseeable future due to the threat of avian flu. 

Nearly 150 ostriches, penguins, flamingos and other birds have been moved to a "back house" zoo facility. 

In a statement, Dublin Zoo said it is a precautionary measure to prevent them possibly contracting bird flu from wild birds.

Yesterday, the Department of Agriculture confirmed that a wild bird found in Co Wexford on 28 December was infected with the H5N8 avian influenza virus.

H5N8 is the cause of recent outbreaks of bird flu in the UK and across continental Europe and is highly contagious among birds although it poses a low risk to humans.

Since before Christmas all poultry breeders and others who keep birds have been required to keep them indoors as part of a series of bio-security measures put in place by the Department of Agriculture and Food.

A spokesperson for Dublin Zoo said they take direction from the department in relation to bird flu, and once the department issued guidelines on avian flu last month the confinement of Dublin Zoo birds commenced.

He added they will remain in back of house facilities until the all clear is given by the department.