The personal contribution for anyone under the age of 26 who is claiming Jobseekers Allowance or Supplementary Welfare Allowance and who is receiving Rent Supplement has been cut with a saving of up to €80 a month.

Individuals or couples under 26 claiming Jobseekers or receiving Social Welfare Assistance previously had to contribute up to €40 a week to their Rent Supplement Tenancy.

Under the new arrangement, a young single person aged between 18-24 receiving a payment of €100 a week will see the weekly contribution to their rent cut from €30 to €10, representing a saving of €20 a week.

A young person of the same age receiving €144 or €160 a week will have their personal contribution cut by €10 a week.

Minister for Social Protection Leo Varadkar said: "This measure will help to ease the rental burden on young people on welfare.

"This matter has also been sought by organisations working with homeless people. It's expected to help young people to transition from homeless services and into rented accommodation".