The Department of Education and Skills has issued a circular to school managers outlining pay increases that will apply from 1 January 2017 for recently-recruited teachers who have accepted the Lansdowne Road Agreement.

The higher rates will only apply to members of the Irish National Teachers' Organisation and the Teachers' Union of Ireland, who accepted the public service pay deal.

It will not apply to the 17,000 members of the Association of Secondary Teachers in Ireland, which is now the only public service union to have rejected the LRA.

Public servants, including teachers, recruited after 1 February 2012 started on a 10% lower pay scale - a move which has created tension and demands for a restoration of equal pay rates for equal work.

From 1 January, a new recruit who would previously have started on €31,009 will earn €32,806. 

The current salary scale for those new entrants ranged from €31,009 to €59,940.

The 2017 scale will range from €32,806 to €62,905.

The pay scale for teachers recruited before February 2012 remains unchanged.

In addition, teachers who accepted the LRA will receive restoration of payments for substitution and substitution duty.

The refusal of the ASTI to do those duties triggered three days of school closures last month.

The Government had argued that because the ASTI rejected the LRA members were not entitled to restoration of the supervision and substitution payments.

However, the union argued that while members were refusing to do supervision duties on an unpaid basis, they were available for other teaching work - and blamed the school closures on the Government.

The union is currently balloting on settlement proposals, which would see their members entitled to the same benefits as other unions.

However the union leadership has recommended rejection of those proposals.