Agreement has been reached between the Government and GPs for an expanded childhood vaccination scheme from next month.

All babies born since 1 October will receive new vaccines for Meningococcal B and Rotavirus disease, along with the existing vaccines.

These vaccines protect against meningitis, septicaemia and serious cases of diarrhoea.

Under the deal, GPs will get an extra €80 for each child vaccinated.

They currently receive €300 for childhood vaccinations.

Earlier, this month GPs had warned of possible delays to the rollout of the vaccination programme in a row over fees.

The Health Service Executive has been working with GPs and other health professions for a number of months to prepare for the introduction of the new vaccines. 

The work has included providing training to over 3,000 vaccinators, distributing vaccines to GP practices and providing information on the new vaccines to parents and professionals.

The deal for extra fees was negotiated by the Department of Health, the HSE and the Irish Medical Organisation