A HIQA inspection of a Heath Service Executive-run residential centre for people with disabilities has found commodes were stored in occupied twin bedrooms and that one resident had not left the building for two months.

The Health Information and Quality Authority criticised the HSE for failing in its statutory duty to carry out an unannounced visit to the Glenbow facility in Co Sligo.

The inspection also found that some residents' body weights were not being monitored adequately.

Glenbow is home to 43 adult residents with intellectual disabilities most of whom live in a large three-storey building, while others live in on-campus bungalows.

Today's report of an unannounced HIQA inspection last March found that the facility was seriously in breach of regulations under ten of the 16 headings inspected.

In some areas, inspectors witnessed residents having to wait for 30 minutes for their food due to staff breaks.

Transparent windows in many bedroom doors compromised residents' privacy and some twin rooms were used to store commodes.

Some residents were not weighed frequently enough due to specialised equipment being broken for a disproportionate period.

Complaints had not been addressed in line with policy and the official response to one ignored the core issues raised.

The inspectors found that some residents were accessing the wider community only weekly or fortnightly because of resource and staff scarcities. One resident had not left the building for two months.

The report acknowledged some improvements since the previous inspection nine months earlier but criticised the HSE for failing to carry out an unannounced visit as required by statutory regulation.

Inspectors were so concerned about failings in the fire management systems that they ordered the HSE to commission a full expert review.

Fire drills did not assure inspectors that all residents could be evacuated to a safe place quickly enough and the alarm system in the main building did not extend to the bungalows.