A former PSNI officer has said that the upcoming Brexit could lead to some “civil unrest” in Northern Ireland.

Peter Sheridan, Chief Executive, Cooperation Ireland issued the warning during a meeting of the joint Oireachtas Committee on the implementation of the Good Friday Agreement.

The committee met to look at the implications of Brexit for the Good Friday Agreement.

Mr Sheridan, who is a former Assistant Chief Constable of the PSNI, said, "The protection of the Peace Process is critical.

"We all known it was only last year that we had the Fresh Start Agreement and the year before we had the Stormont House Agreement that shows the fragile nature of politics in Northern Ireland and the Good Friday Agreement as a guarantor of that agreement.

"It is a important of our work to ensure there is no diminution in the Good Friday Agreement or unravelling of the Good Friday Agreement.

"I don't want to overstate it but there is a danger that ultimately this could lead to some civil unrest particularly in relation to the Border."

Later in the meeting, Fianna Fáil's Brendan Smith said that we have underestimated the progress that has been made so far with the Good Friday Agreement.

He said that we need to make further progress for the less advantaged in our communities.

Mr Smith also warned against complacency around the achievements of the Peace Process.

Mr Sheridan said that "none of us here would want, and I don’t think the EU or the UK government would want a  conflict on their border again.

"It's easy to dismiss it and say that will never happen but as I pointed out earlier on. It is still a fragile peace process.

The former PSNI Assistant Chief Constable added, "There are already protests along the border and the history of this place is that protests can become much more dangerous as this goes on. If people feel their identity is being threatened or compromised we need to be careful of those things and not to be complacent about them. 

"That's not to overstate that there is going to be some sort of conflict arising but we have to be aware that it is not that long ago that we were in conflict around a lot of these issues."

"I think the first shots that were fired, were fired at border checkpoints. So we have to be careful that we don't put anything in place that creates that question of identity for people again."