Fota Wildlife Park is looking for a name for it newest arrival; a baby agile gibbon.

Agile gibbons live in monogamous pairs and the new baby’s mother Chloe and father Conor have two older offspring.

Baby gibbon at Fota Wildlife ParkChloe gave birth to the baby after a gestation period of seven months.

The park is now inviting members of the public to name the latest arrival, via its website.

Teresa Power, Lead Warden of the Primate Section, said: "We are delighted with the new arrival and happy to report that mother and baby are thriving, our baby agile monkey can now be seen by visitors to the wildlife park in the new Asian Sanctuary which is also home to our pride of Asiatic lions, Indian rhinos and Sumatran tigers as well as many other endangered species such as the red panda."

Baby agile gibbon at Fota Wildlife Park

Baby agile gibbon at Fota Wildlife ParkOne of the smaller apes of its kind, the agile gibbon varies in colour between black and reddish-brown.

It is one of the fastest and most acrobatic climbers in the forest.

It is endangered, with numbers continuing to decrease because of the impact of habitat destruction and the actions of hunters, who illegally capture the species for the pet market.