Minister for Finance Michael Noonan has said that when the UK government invokes Article 50 they need to be clear with their European colleagues about what they want. 

He assumed there would be a "long ask list", he said.

The Minister was speaking in London where he is meeting British Chancellor Philip Hammond for talks this afternoon.

He said he would be discussing with Mr Hammond the potential damage which Brexit could do to the UK economy. Damage to the UK economy would mean damage to the Irish economy, Mr Noonan said.

He said he wanted to get an insight into the approach the British government will adapt after the UK invokes Article 50.

Because there is an alignment of interest between Ireland and the UK, he said the two governments might be able to help one another in the talks which have yet to take place.

Asked about reports from both the UK's Office for National Statistics and the OECD which suggested the decision to leave the EU had not damaged the UK economy, Mr Noonan said that other than the referendum result, nothing had changed. 

He said it did not surprise him that that was the analysts view since so far life had proceeded as usual, but it would not proceed as usual once the UK/EU negations begin.