Housing units at Priory Hall are due to go on sale after a three-year reconstruction which cost nearly €30m.

Dublin City Council now owns most of the 187 units and plans a sales campaign at the end of next month when prices will be revealed.

In a report to councillors, DCC Assistant Chief Executive Jim Keogan said the development will be called New Priory.

It will have the same number of social units and buy-to-let owners will retain ownership of their apartments.

But around 62 former owner-occupier units and another 65 that had belonged to developer Tom McFeely will go on sale.

Councillors are being asked to give their approval in principle.

Under a deal brokered between the Government, banks, the city council and residents, mortgages for owner occupiers were written off and they were given fresh 100% mortgages to buy other homes.

A total of 256 residents including apartment owners and private tenants were evacuated in 2011 when the extent of fire safety defects was revealed.

Mr McFeely was originally sentenced to three months imprisonment and fined €1m for failing to rectify the defects but this was quashed by the Supreme Court on appeal.