Met Éireann has a high temperature weather warning in place for tomorrow.

It is forecasting temperatures of over 27C in many areas around the country.

The yellow weather warning comes into effect at 10am and lasts until 8pm tomorrow evening.

Meanwhile, Irish Water Safety has appealed to the public to swim at beaches with lifeguards where possible.

In a statement, they said a full moon on Tuesday 19 July will cause rip currents to be more prevalent on beaches.

They called on parents to ensure children remain safe near water.

Meath County Council has issued a warning to swimmers to be "extremely vigilant" for a dangerous jellyfish that has been spotted.

The council said Lion's Mane jellyfish had been seen in waters around the coast, including Bettystown beach, in the last few days.

All bathers are being warned be extremely vigilant when visiting the beach as stings from these jellyfish can be very serious, according to the council.

The jellyfish has also been reported at beaches in Portmarnock, Malahide and Sutton, leading to a number of people being hospitalised. 

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