The head of the Human Rights and Equality Commission has expressed concern about the impact Brexit could have on the European Convention on Human Rights.

Chief Commissioner Emily Logan said the referendum result and the resignation of British Prime Minister David Cameron could be detrimental in undermining the Good Friday Agreement.

She made the comments at the launch of her first annual report since the commission was established in late 2014.

The commission will stand with its colleagues in Northern Ireland, she said, to ensure there is coherence in human rights and equality policies across the island of Ireland.

Ms Logan also said the commission would continue to agitate and promote the rights of members of the Travelling community in their battle for ethnicity.

She said she had met Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council in the wake of the tragedy in Carrickmines to impress upon them their obligations in relation to accommodation.

The report also highlighted the work the commission has done in meeting people living in direct provision.

Ms Logan said that there have been some improvements and progress in this area, as 1,500 people have been taken out of the system who had been there for five years.

But she said the commission would like to see the Oireachtas taking a greater role in the oversight of the direct provision system.

This was important because this group of people do not have a voice, she said.

Housing is one of the main areas that her office will look at in the coming year, she said, adding that it will use its legal powers where appropriate.

She said she has sought a meeting with Minister for Housing Simon Coveney to discuss the housing sector and the fact that any policies from his department need to be mindful of human rights and equality legislation.

Ms Logan also said she was disappointed to hear that the trial of Ibrahim Halawa has been postponed for the 14th time.

There were human rights concerns because of the fact Mr Halawa was arrested as a minor, his lack of access to a fair trial and reports or inhuman and degrading treatment while he has been in detention, she added.