A media archive commemorating the late RTÉ broadcaster, Colm Murray, has been installed at a new library in his native town of Moate, Co Westmeath.

The once derelict old courthouse building officially opens today.

The Moate Courthouse was historically regarded as the most important public building in the town.

It has now been sympathetically restored to its former classical glory with a modern civic plaza to the front.

The €500,000 refurbishment includes exhibition space, meeting rooms, computer access and free wifi.

Some historic features have been preserved including the judge's box in the audio visual area. There are also reinforced glass floors, allowing visitors to look down into tunnels linking the old gaol to the courthouse.

Mr Murray has been recognised with a special audio visual installation. RTÉArchives has made available highlights of his career as a sports journalist as well as material documenting his battle with motor neuron disease.

The broadcaster was diagnosed with the condition in 2010 and died three years later.

Visitors to the library can access the Colm Murray Broadcasting Archive anytime.

His wife Ann and his daughters Patricia and Kate are attended the event.