The Oireachtas Committee on Housing and Homelessness is considering whether to recommend that a Government deposit savings scheme be set up to help first-time buyers.

They are also examining whether to recommend that urgent consideration be given to the Central Bank rules, and whether deposit requirements for first-time buyers should be reviewed.

The committee is reviewing its draft report on the issue this week.

It is also considering if it should recommend a referendum to enshrine the right to housing in the Constitution.

The committee will complete its work in the next week and its recommendations will form part of an action plan.

During the lifetime of the last government the constitutional convention called for greater rights on housing to be inserted into the Constitution.

Now the committee must decide of it is going to recommend a referendum to make this a reality.

It also wants the constitutional rights of children to be protected in eviction cases.

To ensure this happens the committee is examining the possibility of a State-backed scheme that could buy houses with distressed loans where the security of children is in jeopardy.

The committee is also understood to be leaning towards the idea of legislation that would provide rent certainty - tied to inflation - rather than a rigid system of rent control.