The National Lottery has said it is continuing to engage with a ticket-holder, who is seeking payment of an €8.2 million Lotto jackpot.

The winning ticket was purchased at the Stop and Shop store on Sligo's Stephen Street on 5 March.

The ticket holder has contacted the National Lottery but the prize has yet to be paid over. 

While mystery surrounds the identity of the winner, it is safe to say that they are having to wait longer than usual to collect the money.

The National Lottery says it does not comment on the games process and will not discuss the issues at the centre of this delayed payment.

But it is understood a winning ticket has been presented, that there are no disagreements between family members and no problems relating to a winning syndicate.

There have been unclaimed jackpots in the past. Last year in Claremorris, Co Mayo a prize of almost €3m was left behind.

Under Lottery rules, a winner has 90 days to collect their prize but unless the  issues in this case are resolved, the 3 June deadline could pass without the money being paid out.

There is widespread speculation in Sligo as to the issues at play.

Some locals believe that a well-known family purchased the winning ticket while others reckon people visiting the area on a stag or hen weekend may have selected the lucky numbers. 

The Lottery is refusing to comment further until the prize is collected.

The ticket in question cost €20, with numbers chosen by the player rather than through quickpick.

The winning numbers in the draw were 2, 8, 16, 24, 33 and 42, with the bonus number 47.