Sinn Féin will nominate Gerry Adams as Taoiseach when the Dáil resumes on Thursday.

Speaking at Leinster House today, party leader Adams said he was honoured by the decision taken by his Oireachtas group.

He accused Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil of "shadow boxing and game playing", adding his party was perturbed by the prospect of the Dáil adjourning after Thursday for more negotiations on government.

Mr Adams said people suffering from hospital waiting lists and the housing crisis would be left to twiddle their thumbs without a government in place.

He said the election had shown there were no more "no-go areas" in politics for Sinn Féin but the party would stick by its mandate and would not serve as a junior partner in any Coalition.

Asked about his own position, Mr Adams said as long as his health, his family and his party allowed it he would continue to serve in a leadership role.