Leader of the Labour party Joan Burton has said she will not be deciding about her future as party leader until she knows the outcome of the party in terms of seats, and until a new government is formed.

"I'll make my decision then," she said on RTÉ’s Six One News.

Then, she said, it would be a matter for the Labour party members.

She also said it was now up to the parties elected by voters "to step up the plate in the interests of providing a stable government."

She said the electorate did not vote for the proposition of a Fine Gael and Labour government.

Asked whether she would support Enda Kenny if he was nominated for Taoiseach, she said, "we indicated that we would go into government with Fine Gael, we offered that option to the public, they didn't vote for that."

"We will be supporting the return of the current government led by the Taoiseach."

The Labour party must hold a leadership contest within six months, according to the party's constitution.

Under party rules if Labour does not enter government, the terms of office of party leader and deputy party leader end, six months after polling day.

Speaking after being elected to her seat in Dublin West last night, Ms Burton avoided questions about a possible resignation, saying she is still leader and it is time for the party to reflect.

If the Labour party fail to secure a seventh seat then they will loose speaking rights in the Dáil.